Sunday, June 27, 2010

Death Becomes Him...

 - - It's hard to believe that Michael Jackson's already been deceased for a year, and as for Elvis before himdeath has proven to be a smart career move for the late King of Pop.  His estate has reportedly earned about a billion dollars since his demise, with Jackson recordings flying off the shelves that were previously languishing there.

Now that Michael's gone, we'll also be hearing some new recordings, with the singer having recorded over 100 songs, many of which were not to be released until after his death, a gift to his children.  All of this means that "Blanket" won't have to worry about funds for college...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Now "Skynet Jesus?"

 - - In Ohio a six-story statue of Jesus constructed of wood and styrofoam over a steel frame was struck by lightning, and burned to the ground.  Dubbed the "Touchdown Jesus" because of the statue's pose, only the steel frame remains.  

This brings to mind the scene in The Terminator movie where the T-800 has his human flesh burned away, leaving  just the metallic endoskeleton marching about, still a deadly menace to the human characters...

...and wouldn't a six-story Jesus endoskeleton on the rampage be totally cool?

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bad Restaurant Art...

 - - There's a lot of really bad art hanging in restaurants, especially in the one- or two-star ones that I frequent (it's all about money, really)!  There's actually more bad art than good art about, and some of it is really interesting as you can sit there and ponder what the artists did wrong!

On one wall of one such restaurant, there's a still life featuring the classic basket of fruit, but this one is done so poorly that it makes wax fruit look mouth-watering!  On another wall of the same hangs a needlepoint of a smiling Greek girl, but the creator took the red of the mouth much too far, giving the girl a Joker-type leer.  On another wall hangs a needlework of a shepherd with a goat being approached by a girl with a dog.  To entertain myself while waiting for a meal, I write dialogue in my head about that one!

So cherish the abundance of bad art that you'll see everywhere around you, gratified by the fact that you probably could create better than at least half of what you see about!