Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day...

- - On this Earth Day, let's pause to remember that reuse is the highest form of recycling. In some areas, however, we're discouraged from doing that.

I walked into a Staples store recently to try and purchase a memory upgrade for an aging computer of mine, something about three or four years old. The kid who waited on me practically snickered when he heard about the age of the computer, telling me that they had nothing available and recommending that I look on the secondary market. A three or four year old computer is apparently judged fit only to be used as a paperweight or a doorstop; jeez, I've got socks and underwear in service older than that!

Not to be deterred, I went on eBay, and with a modest investment of time and money procured the memory I needed, elsewhere learning the details of its installation. After delivery, I installed the memory, quadrupling what was on the computer. With the added capacity, I was able to upgrade the operating system as well. My computer runs much faster now and can do everything that I want it to, plus I have the satisfaction of having saved it from a premature and unnecessary demise. It was a heck of a lot cheaper than an entire new system, too.'s a practice worth encouraging this Earth Day!