Sunday, November 22, 2009

Christmas Overkill...

-- Christmas has become the Godzilla of holidays, a two-month monster. I got my first indicator shortly after Halloween, when a store bag given me bore the legend, "Enjoy the holidays!"--Yipes! The Xmas carols started blaring shortly after that.

How, oh how, do disc jockeys at "All Xmas music, all the time" stations manage to keep their sanity between Halloween and December 25th? For that matter, pity the poor store clerks who must suffer this auditory assault as well.-- Yeah, Xmas music is nice and all that...but to have to listen to it incessantly for about two months straight?!-- Truly cruel and unusual punishment.

...and pity poor Thanksgiving!--A dandy little non-commercial holiday, the observance of which is all but eclipsed by the Xmas juggernaut waiting to blow it off the road!--Could we shift Thanksgiving to maybe January and give it a little room to breathe?

--Can't we please just stuff a dead bird with stale bread, and eat it?

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