Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Need for Moderation...

- - He stares at you from the news screen, looking like a demented Uncle Fester from The Addams Family; the Tucson, Arizona shooter.

If you have heard the inflammatory speech being issued in this country for years now against those of dissenting political views, you are perhaps not totally surprised that hateful speech has found translation into hateful action. Prolonged exposure to the politics of hate and extreme partisanship tends to incline marginal and emotionally disturbed minds in this direction.

The underlying mentality seems to be that if you disagree with the political philosophy of duly elected officials, it is acceptable to demonize and oppose them with every breath and every action that you take. Gone is the notion of "the loyal opposition" that accepts even if it dislikes the will of the majority, and works within the system to seek a common ground or at least awaits the next election to seek the installation of other candidates.

Political extremism and vicious intolerance are not American values, and must be repudiated by both political parties and any third parties that arise. We are also overdue to get serious about gun control in this country so that domestic terrorists and other warped fanatics can't continue to attempt to write their own versions of history drenched in blood and twisted in their own image...

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