Friday, November 14, 2014

Zombie Gaming...

I'm not quite the videogame addict that I used to be when I was younger, but the occasional game especially when it's available as a tablet app still can get me going.  As I love AMC's The Walking Dead as well as zombie literature, I'm currently rather heavily into Z Hunter (Bring Death to the Dead).  

The game basically involves shooting varying numbers of zombies in different settings (urban, campground, ruined amusement park, etc.) before they can catch up with and slaughter the living humans you're trying to protect.  As the zombies become more numerous, diverse, harder to annihilate, and better concealed, you're able to upgrade to more powerful weapons, and even deploy some on different platforms, such as a moving helicopter.  You can also "buy" more powerful bullets, radar to detect zombies with, and consumables to slow down their advance.  There's something oddly satisfying about spraying zombies with a machine gun, and what the heck, they're already dead, right?  

The game is also permeated with a sense of dark humor.  One of the "superzombies" you'll occasionally encounter is attired as a circus clown, while still another is dressed as an Elvis clone, complete with a bloodied sequinned jumpsuit.  When hunting them in a ruined amusement park scenario, you can occasionally find one of the rascals riding about on the roller coaster or ferris wheel.  It's all oddly compelling if bloody fun, and is great guy entertainment!

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