Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What Cats Know...

 - - Isn't he breathtaking?!--The Cheshire Cat from the upcoming Tim Burton version of Alice In Wonderland, that is?--I've always thought that the Cheshire Cat was very cool, both because of the toothy grin and also the de-materializing capabilities. In the Tim Burton interpretation, the Cheshire Cat is a marvelous creature with glowing eyes and a mouth that's almost all teeth, kinda like the Langoliers creatures as envisioned by Stephen King in his novella of the same name.

Cats have quite a hold on the human psyche, extending back to the days of their earliest domestication in ancient Egypt.  I think that's because cats are not really domesticated, you see...they choose to be here, because living in a human household makes things easier for them!  Cats are elemental and primal at core, almost a force of nature.

At times portrayed as at least mildly evil or the familiars of witches, the cat can never be fully controlled, muchless completely figured out...and bless them for being that way!  A dog will dance in joy when you return to your house...a cat will regard you as if to say, "Oh!--Were you away?"  One can't help but admire the independence, athleticism, and mystery of this magnificent animal....

...and who's really in charge here?--I clean out the toilets of my cats...they sure don't clean mine!

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